Colour Zone Run


Colour Zone Run has been postponed to Wednesday 5 December, with the run now starting at 6:00pm.

Postponement Announcement

With the current wet weather and rain forecast over the next 2 Days, we regret to announce the postponement of Colour Zone Run to Wednesday 5 December, with the run starting at 6:00pm. Event briefing will be at 5:50pm.  This will make for an amazing evening event, we will still have the Live DJ playing through to approximately 8:30pm and heaps of COLOUR.

We thank everyone in making this postponement date possible, with variations of leases and permits, the contractors involved and most of all participants.  The Event Pack Pick Ups today and tomorrow at the Ashley Hotel 106 Mandeville Street Riccarton still goes ahead. We request that you don’t misplace your number and powders before the event.  

The Event Pack Pick Ups times are:

Today “Friday” 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Tomorrow “Saturday” 10:00am – 12Noon

Keep up to date via Facebook posts. Keep smiling and your live full of Colour  

John Moore

Event Director

Colour Zone Run

Colour Zone Run

Since February 2011 we’ve heard about the Red Zone. Well, on Sunday 25 November 2018 at 10:00am, we’re changing it to The Colour Zone with The Colour Zone Run.

Yes; this will be the most colourful run you’ll ever see. We are bringing real colour back to what’s been called the Red Zone, we will have more colour than red, with all the colours from the rainbow plus some extras.

There will be colour throughout the 5km run/walk, colour colour, colour. You will be blasted with colour from all angles with the opportunity to roll through colour or just get your mate or mates covered in colour. When we say blasted - we mean blasted - it will come at you from every angle.