Colour Zone Run


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a race?

No; this is approximately a 5km non competitive run/walk with heaps of colour being thrown, blast over you throughout.

Do we all start together?

We will do this in waves of around 100 every 2-3 minutes.

Will we be advised of what wave we're in?

No; due to everyone wanting to run with friends, family and workmates and people entering at different times it is best you all just line up together and participate together.

Is the Event timed?


What time does it start?


Do I get a Number?

Yes; this is in your Event Pack

What is an Event Pack?

This is a pack with your Event Number in it, with Event Information that is needed for your safety before, during and after the event

What if I lose my number?

No number, no start, this is how we identify all competitors and is memorabilia for you.

What do we wear?

We recommend you start in as much white as you've got and you'll end up full of colour.

Can I buy a Colour Zone T-Shirt

Yes;  you can purchase these when you enter.  

When do I get my T-Shirt if I purchase one?

The t-shirts will be with your Event Pack.

Can I purchase more colours?

Yes; you can, you can purchase these when you enter.

Can I purchase more on the day?

Yes; we will have more colour to purchase on the day although we recommend you purchase this when entering or at Event Pack pick up.

How does the colour distribution work?

We will have a number of different colour stations, plus a few surprise spots here and there.

What about the pouches I've purchased?

You can use these when and wherever you like, just don't throw it on the neighbouring fences.

What if I get colour in my eyes?

We recommend that you wear some form of eye wear just in case, we may have some cheap fun glasses for sale, just confirming this.

Is there medic's available if I hurt myself?

Yes; Lifecare Ambulance Services will be present and based Donnell Sports Park, marshals will contact them if someone needs assistance.

Will there be water drinks around the route?

Yes; there will be drink stops around the course.

Is there car parking?

Yes; there is car parking in the Subdivision, and info will be provided with Event Information.

Are there showers at the end?

No; we recommend you bring towels to maybe wipe yourself down before getting into your car for the drive home, or to put on the seat of your car.